San Rocco by Tommaso Garelli



(Active in Bologna, 1450 – 1495)

Saint Roch

1455 ca. 108×51 cm

Tempera on panel with gold ground

Mauro Minardi

The panel under consideration, which is published here for the first time, has been identified by Giacomo Alberto Calogero and Mauro Minardi as the work of the Bolognese painter Tommaso Garelli. This is a remarkable acquisition for an author relatively new to studies, frequently mentioned in documents but substantially neglected by the Felsine art literature until the end of the 19th century. Only the interest of Carlo Volpe and Daniele Benati, as well as the insights of Luciano Bellosi and later Miklós Boskovits, allowed Garelli to emerge among the protagonists of the Bolognese artistic scene immediately after the mid-15th century.

On the figure of Garelli and his notable documentary mentions see F. Filippini, G. Zucchini, Miniatori e pittori a Bologna. Documents of the 15th century, Bologna 1968, pp. 158-165. See also S. Brevaglieri, Garelli, Tommaso, in Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani, 52, Rome 1999, pp. 283-285

Categories: Paintings


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